When you lift the mask off of public employee union thugs……………

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………….you see the face of Marxism. Donald Douglas links a great piece from Larry Sand, of the LA Times who writes about why California’s Prop 32 is scaring the union thugs

Michael Hiltzik infers in his column Sunday that Proposition 32 is a big lie — because it prohibits both corporations and labor unions such as the California Teachers Assn. from extracting involuntary political contributions from the paychecks of workers. Hiltzik argues that its prohibition of corporate deductions is of minor impact, but that union political fund-raising will be crippled.

He is amazingly untroubled by the fact that taking such payroll deductions for political purposes without consent is patently immoral. Why should a worker have some of his forced union dues spent on candidates or causes that he doesn’t agree with? As Thomas Jefferson said, “To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions…

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