Campaign 2012: DemLeft Shifts Into Moonbat Overdrive

The Foxhole

They’re particularly bat-shit crazy this election cycle.  The meme is the usual race card and women.

Chris Matthews, never one to shy away from  screeching spit-flecked rants, is on a race card rampage in support of Obama.

Liberal Daily Beast writer Michael Tomaksy and New York Times hack Tom Edsall sang a “RNC is racist” duet.

Touré Neblett accused Mitt Romney of engaging in the “niggerization” of Obama.

Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the Democratic convention chairman, made one of the most ironically stupid comments ever, when he said of the RNC, “You can’t just trot out a brown face or a Spanish surname and expect a vote for your party or your candidate.” Really? I guess we’re supposed to think the parade of brown faces with Spanish surnames that feeds the maws of Dem propaganda, is just there for decoration.

Former New York Times columnist and NBC reporter Bob…

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