Sugar Daddy-in-Chief: Five Examples of Obama Using Executive Authority to Entice Key Constituencies

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Obama started buying votes before he stepped foot into the Oval Office. Once inside, he has given billions to his cronies and campaign bundlers, yet he wants Americans to be more concerned with Mitt Romney’s money.

From Free Beacon:

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has repeatedly accused President Obama of running a cynical, divisive campaign.

“His campaign strategy is to smash America apart and then try to cobble together 51 percent of the pieces,” Romney said earlier this month.

And Obama has repeatedly over the past several months used his executive authority to reward certain key constituencies, a process sometimes referred to as “vote buying.”

Here are five prominent examples:

1. $12 million in transportation funding for Ohio

Several days before a scheduled campaign event in Ohio last week, the Obama administration announced the release of more than $450 million in unspent high funds to…

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