Where do we go from here? – Tea Party Nation

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Where do we go from here? – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Despite the desire for a carefully choreographed convention, the Republican National Convention got off to a bumpy start yesterday with a fight over the rules that govern the Party. 

 The rule changes were a direct slam at grassroots activists and a power play by the victorious Party Establishment. 

 Many grassroots activists are furious with the GOP.  So where do we go from here?

 If you have seen the old movie Glengarry Glen Ross, you may remember the speech given by the character played by Alec Baldwin.  It is the ABC speech.  In the movie, ABC stands for, “Always be closing.”   Since the movie deals with salesmen in a Real Estate office, that makes sense.

 Our motto, our speech is OMG.  Obama must go. 

 The rule changes at the Republican Party are designed to consolidate power in the Party Establishment. They make it harder for grassroots activists, such as the Tea Party to change the party.  They can best be described as a ham-handed effort by Team Romney to eliminate any possibility of party dissent should he win and seek reelection in 2016.

 It flies in the face of everything the Tea Party stands for and every reason the Tea Party came into existence.

 OMG.  Obama must go.   Harry Reid must go.

 There were several rules that were changed, including rules concerning the selection of delegates and how they are bound.   The Republican Party has a huge issue in front of it and it is not how the delegates are chosen or bound. 

 It is how the candidates are selected.

 In many states, there are open primaries.   The problem with open primaries is that it allows the other side to cross over and vote in Republican primaries. 

 Does anyone else have a problem with the other side choosing our candidates?

 This has actually become a tactic.  Earlier this year, in Indiana, the Young Guns PAC, which is associated with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, encouraged Democrats to come out and vote for Richard Lugar


 Yes, that really happened.

 In 2008, Rush Limbaugh famously encouraged “Operation Chaos,” where he encouraged conservative Republicans to go vote in the Democrat primaries to keep that race going on as long as possible.  Does anyone doubt the favor was returned in 2012?

 In Missouri, Todd Akin was the favored choice of opponents by Democrat Claire McCaskill.  The Democrats spent $1.5 million in ads that were designed to help Akin.   Does anyone doubt that Democrats were crossing over to help get Akin nominated?

 The real reform that Republicans need to push is reforms that make certain Republicans, not Democrats, select the Republican nominee for office.

 Does this mean that there would be a greater role for the Party Establishment in these selections?  Sure.  But which is worse?  The Party Establishment having a much greater influence on the nomination or the other party?

 Besides, grassroots activists, particularly at the local level, can take over the Party.  This has been done in many places and is still on going.

 Meanwhile, Conservatives remain justifiably outraged about what has happened in Tampa.  One delegate from Minnesota was quoted as they walked out about going to a third party. 

 Guess what?  OMG still applies.

 Obama must go.  Harry Reid must go. 

 The way Team Romney handled these rule changes was nothing short of a disaster.  But I am also a believer in the law of unintended consequences.   Those rules should be examined after the anger is passed and we in the grassroots should look and see what we can do to give the establishment a taste of their own medicine.

 Meanwhile, the most important fact of all has not changed.

 OMG.  Obama must go.


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