The coming earthquake – Tea Party Nation


The coming earthquake – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Our society is not a static one.  We have changes all the time.  Some of them are small.  Occasionally we have a massive earthquake of a change.  These come along only once a generation, once a century or perhaps even less frequently than that.

 We have a huge political earthquake coming.  What is going to cause this seismic change and what will the shocking result be?

 We are about to see the end of the liberal media political complex.  Since the end of World War Two, the left has held a monopoly on the news information business.  Actually monopoly is not a true description.  To call it a cartel would be more accurate.   They were a group of individuals who worked together to restrict the flow of a product into the market place.

 In this case, the product was news and information. 

 For over sixty years, the liberal media cartel controlled news.   The cartel had one goal, having their ideology reflected in the news.  Cartels are easy to control when there are only a few producers.  In the hey day of the liberal media, the media narratives were controlled by the New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC, CBS and NBC. 

 With these media titans in place, the narrative was formed and it was hard to break.  There were exceptions to the cartel, where conservatives flourished but they were rare. 

 The liberal media cartel has been doomed by the information age.  It started with talk radio, providing an alternative outlet.  Then Fox News came along.  It thrived because it was an alternative to the liberal media cartel.  Then the Drudge Report came along.

 Now, conservative media is exploding on the Internet

 Cartels become doomed when they cannot control all of the producers of a product and that is what has happened here.   Viewers are fleeing liberal media in record numbers for media outlets that reflect their values and do not act as a palace guard for the Obama Regime.

 The end of the liberal media cartel is helping to bring about something else too.  This is a seismic change we have not seen in over 150 years.  We are about to see the death of a major American political party.

 The Democrats have moved so far to the left they are no longer recognizable as an American political party.  Their beliefs sound more like something that would come from a Central Committee meeting of the Communist Party than from an American political party.

 Perhaps the last straw came a few days ago when the Democrats first met in Charlotte.  They declared we all belong to the government.   I’m not sure what is worse, the Democrats announcing we belong to government or not understanding why real Americans are horrified by that claim.

 The real fiasco came when the Democrats announced their platform.  They removed God from it and took out the plank that said Jerusalem was the capital of Israel.   The Republicans hit that so hard the Democrats had to react.  So Ted Strickland, a former Ohio governor and minister in the Church of Karl Marx was designated to make the motion to put God and Jerusalem back in the Democrat platform. 

 Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa went to the platform as chairman, called for the vote and was about to do as he was ordered, namely make sure the amendment passed.  As he called for the voice vote, not once but three times, it was plainly obvious that those voting against the amendment outnumbered those in favor of it. 

 Villaraigosa stood there wondering what the hell was happening, watching his political career go down in flames.  Finally he ruled the amendments had passed, despite the clear indication they had not.

 This idiocy and the loud booing afterwards were all dutifully recorded and are now on YouTube.

 The message has been simple.  The Democrats are booing God.  If you add the Islamic Prayers, which was an official Democrat Convention event, led by an Imam who calls for the overthrow of the American government and the obscenities hurled at Cardinal Timothy Dolan who offered the benediction, you have a radical party that is out of touch with America.

 Rush Limbaugh said yesterday that the liberal media would throw Obama under the bus to save liberalism.  They would blame the failure of this administration on Obama’s incompetence, not liberalism.

 He is right about that, but there is more. 

 With the collapse of the liberal media cartel, the media can no longer shield the American people from what the Democrat Party has become.  It has become an anti-American party of socialism.

 Americans do not want socialism.  We like freedom.  Scott Rasmussen reported a few days ago that record numbers of people now identified themselves as Republicans while the number of those who identify as Democrats is close to an all time low. 

 A Republican tsunami is coming this fall. Romney will win the Presidency.  There is no amount of voter fraud that can stop him.  The Republicans will take control of the Senate and maintain control of the House.

 The Democrats will become so marginalized they will tear themselves apart.  Conservatives and anyone who is not to the left of Karl Marx realize the Democrat Party does not want them.

 In 1848, the Whig Party elected their last President.  By 1860, the new Republican Party had replaced the Whig Party.  By 2016, given the way the Democrat Party is imploding, we may well see a new political party coming into its own as a major political party.

 Let us hope so and we can consign the Party of Treason to the ash heap of history.



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