The Party of…. – Tea Party Nation

The Party of…. – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

The true colors of the Democrat Party were on full display this week at their convention in Charlotte.

 The display from the Democrats this week shows they truly are the party of…

 You fill in the blank.

The Democrats opened their convention with an Islamic prayer service led by a man who has called for the overthrow of the “filthy” American government and to have it replaced by an Islamic state

 That has worked out so well in Iran, Afghanistan and Egypt among other places.  That’s a good idea.

 The Democrats took God out of their platform, booed when he was put back in and truthfully those who wanted him out of the platform probably won that vote.

 Then, after repeated insults to those who hold Christian beliefs, an olive branch was offered.  The Democrats hastily accepted the offer by Cardinal Dolan to offer the benediction.

When he offered the benediction, he offered an explicitly prolife benediction. 

 The left went nuts.

 While conservatives are not allowed to dare question Obama’s Christianity (or lack thereof), it was open season on the top Catholic Prelate in America.

 Liberals took to twitter saying all manner of foul things about the Archbishop

Twichy has got a pretty good rundown on the slime. (warning, the language is very obscene).

 This is liberal tolerance on full display.  No one is allowed to disagree with liberal orthodoxy. 

 Conservatives are told that we must tolerate any liberal idiocy and the first word out of the mouth of your average liberal about a conservative is that we are “intolerant.”

 Guess what?

 For liberals, that term just got retired.


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  1. screenshot says:

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    I noted watching DNC convention footage that the TV cameraman made sure to include many plentiful candid shots of Muslims in attendance to the convention, so much so, that it looked kind of suspicious. The camera would pan faces of diverse attendees, but always trained for several seconds on a Muslim woman in a head scarf, or a group of Muslim men in headdresses. Are there that many Muslims living in America, that they are now a significant voting block? I thought those “Muslims in the crowd shots’ were odd and kind of conspicuous.

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