What must we do? – Tea Party Nation


What must we do? – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

To say America is in a bad place right now is an understatement.   If you look at the unvarnished economic data, not the propaganda that the Obama Regime puts out and the Obama compliant media spins, we are in a lot of trouble.


There are three words to describe our current situation.  There are also some simple steps this nation can take to bring us back.  What are those three words and what can a President Romney and a Republican Congress do to bring us back?


Our current situation is the great Obama depression.  There is no other way to describe it.  The real unemployment rate is 19%, not 8.1%.   For every new job that is created in America, we have two new food stamp recipients.   Last month the economy created only 96,000 jobs while 386,000 people left the workforce.  We have had a net loss of five million jobs since 2007.   Workforce participation is at the lowest level since the end of World War II. 


What can Romney and the Republicans do?


They can steal a page or two from Ronald Reagan’s playbook and then they can do a couple of things that Reagan should have tried.


Romney’s first act as President should be the same one Reagan did.  He should freeze government hiring.   As President, he has the absolute right to do that.  If that freeze will remain in place for two to four years, attrition alone will shrink the size of government.  There will at some point need to be a few exceptions, such as for Defense and Homeland Security, but the rest of the government simply needs to be frozen.


The second item on the conservative agenda should be massive tax cuts.  The left and the Obama compliant media will scream about this. Why do we listen to the perpetually stupid and the terminally wrong?  In the early 60’s John F. Kennedy championed tax cuts and the economy took off.  In the 80’s Reagan championed tax cuts and the economy took off.   One of George Bush’s achievements was the so-called “Bush tax cuts.”  The economy again took off.   Thanks to the growth in the economy, in 2007, the deficit had shrunk to $161 billion and we were on a course to balance the budget.


We should cut the tax rates for everyone; eliminate capital gains and corporate taxes to encourage investment in this nation.  We have 88 million Americans who are not in the workforce!  One out of five men are unemployed and the average term of unemployment is nearing one year.


Third we need to go through the government and take it apart.  The government as well as advocacy groups such as Citizens Against Government Waste and media outlets like the Washington Guardian constantly generate reports about waste, fraud and duplication of government services.  


The only problem is, nothing is ever done about the waste and fraud.


Romney and the Republicans need to champion Federal Realignment and Closure Commission legislation.  This legislation would create a commission to go through the non-defense budget looking for fraud, waste, duplication of services and programs that simply do not work or have failed completely.   These cuts would then be presented to congress for an up or down vote, without the possibility of amendments so powerful Congressmen and Senators cannot protect their turf. 


Finally, defense spending needs to be significantly increased.  Defense is the primary duty of the Federal Government and we are facing new threats from China, Russia, Iran and others. 


Defense spending is actually something that boosts the economy.  If we start building new tanks for the Army, a new Ford Class Aircraft carrier for the Navy, more F-35 fighters for the Air Force and Marine Corps, that puts the Americans who build those items to work immediately.   That is actually some stimulus spending that works.


The problem we have is that we have had four administrations that have basically lived off of the Reagan military build up of the 80’s.  Unfortunately the hardware we built in the Reagan build up of the 80’s is wearing out and going out of service.  The ships that were built for the 600-ship navy are at the end of their service lives.  The fighters we build in the 80’s are not only obsolete they are worn out. 


Obama’s America is an America in decline. If we have four more years of Obama, we will have a nation that is neither a military nor an economic power.  We will slide permanently into the status of a second rate nation.


This is our path back. 


The only questions are, will we put Mitt Romney in the White House and will he and the Republicans have the courage to follow through?



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  1. GOD GUTS GLORY and AMMO says:

    Good post ,everyone of the paragraphs are true but that is just the beginning of what needs to be done , if we have to suffer so should they , Jay Leno took a 50% salary cut lets see who would stand up for this.

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