Deball the EPA…

Truth, Lies and In Between

…that’s the title I would have chosen, but I suppose I can be rather crass.

This is a most excellent essay on the EPA and how it has been the ruin of many and is bound and determined to ruin America’s prosperity.
If it weren’t for the EPA, gas would be $1.50 a gallon or even less.
They exert an authority that is totally contravening to the Constitution and the principles of freedom.
Read on.

Dethrone the EPA
By Robert Zubrin

The current presidential campaign hinges on jobs and the economy. Yet most of the debate has centered on peripheral issues such as the Bush tax cut, when there is a Tyrannosaurus in the room that is being virtually ignored. That monster is the EPA.

The EPA is today the primary enemy of economic growth in the United States, and through it the world. The damage that it has done…

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