The absolute silence of abject defeat – Tea Party Nation




The absolute silence of abject defeat – Tea Party Nation.


Posted by Judson Phillips


In the battle to save America, there was a devastating defeat this week.   You probably have not heard much about it.  First, it is something the news media does not want to talk about much and second; events in the Middle East have us totally distracted.


 What happened and how is this really bad for America?


 What happened is John Boehner broke out his freshly laundered white flag of surrender again.  The House passed a continuing resolution yesterday to keep the government running for six months. 


 How bad is this?


 The Continuing Resolution instead of simply keeping spending at its current levels actually increases spending.  We are going to go another half trillion dollars in debt.    The spending levels are what Obama demanded.  Boehner did not even put up a fight.


 Included in the bill was funding for Obamacare.  It includes continuing US foreign aid for Egypt and Libya.   Hundreds of billions of dollars in waste and fraud remain in the bill.  Government continues to grow.


 Can someone please tell me why the Tea Party worked so hard to put Republicans in charge in the House?


 The Tea Party came into being as a reaction to not only the big spending of the Republican Party but the explosive growth of spending by Obama and the Party of Treason. 


 Unfortunately, the Republicans did not get the message.


 When they took power in 2011, the promised spending cuts faded away like an early morning mist.  For the Republicans, it became business as usual.


 While the Republicans have made 33 symbolic votes to repeal Obamacare, when they could do something to actually destroy Obamacare, like defunding it, they did nothing. 


 The incidents in Libya and the Middle East changed things this week.    The media has gone overboard to try and rescue Obama and demonize Romney.  The American people are seeing who and what Obama really is.  Even the media are not going to be able to help Obama.


 But for us, we now have to start worrying about what Romney and the Republicans will do.


 Under Speaker John Boehner, the Republicans have showed no interest in cutting spending.  In fact, they have shown no interest in fighting for the people that put them into power.  


 There are some encouraging exceptions to the Republican cowardice.   A number of the Tea Party freshman stood their ground and voted against this insanity.    Some of the good Tea Party Freshmen included Kristi Noem, Sandy Adams, Michele Bachmann, Scott DesJarlais and Jeff Landry.    Jeff Landry is worth mentioning because he is locked in a really tough reelection fight with a big spending RINO.  Landry is one of the great stories of the Tea Party Freshmen as he has constantly stood for conservative values and not sold out to John Boehner.  (His website is here)


 When is the GOP going to stand up for what it allegedly believes?  Our mantra is OMG.  Obama must go.  That is not negotiable.  


 But what happens when Mitt Romney becomes President?


 Is he going to push for spending cuts?  Will the Republicans in the Senate and the House vote to cut spending?  They have had two years to do something and have done nothing.


 We must get through 2012.  We must defeat Obama this year.  We must make Harry Reid the minority leader.  After that, in 2013, all bets are off.


 The Tea Party is made up of real Americans and real Americans do not like to lose.   Either we will see the change we want or those real Americans who started this movement will be back on the streets in 2013.



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