1977 : Carter Warned That We Were Running Out Of Natural Gas

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This was a mere two years before he turned Iran over to Islamic extremists and was attacked by a killer bunny.

The oil and natural gas we rely on for 75 percent of our energy are running out.

Because we are now running out of gas and oil, we must prepare quickly for a third change, to strict conservation and to the use of coal and permanent renewable energy sources, like solar power.

– Jimmy Carter April 18, 1977

Proposed Energy Policy . Jimmy Carter . WGBH American Experience | PBS

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2 Responses to 1977 : Carter Warned That We Were Running Out Of Natural Gas

  1. Carter was clueless as a President – but a good person.

  2. We are a stock picking newsletter and we follow natural gas – here is a quote from a recent letter – ck us out at http://www.rulingthemarkets.com

    “Natural Gas – The migration to use natural gas for transportation fuel is sound logic based on business economics. Efficiently run companies always find ways of becoming more profitable by squeezing every last drop from their cost structure. Companies routinely chase after very small cost savings opportunities. Moving from diesel to natural gas for a logistics fuel has the potential to save companies 50% per gallon on their fuel costs. This equates to MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars in benefits for shareholders in companies like FedEx, UPS, Wal-Mart, Target, Waste Management, Pepsi and Coca-Cola, just to name a few. Companies will RUSH to carry out changes when millions of dollars are on the line, and when those changes give a competitive cost structure advantage over peers.

    The natural gas train has left the station and adoption is occurring – as seen by the recent articles from major corporations like GE, Blackstone Energy, Westport and Caterpillar, just to name a few. We discuss some of the major factors working for and against natural gas below.

    The primary factor working against natural gas adoption:

    The lack of infrastructure to support exploding demand is the primary hurdle to adoption. This is, however, only an issue of time and has nothing to do with the economics. This issue of “infrastructure build out” is what provides the investor with an economically resistant and decade-long investment opportunity.

    Factors working in favor of natural gas include:

    Natural gas is abundant and inexpensive. It is available within the United States, and supplies are dependable. Worldwide demand for oil continues to increase resulting in upward pricing pressure. Instability within the Middle East continues to place a supply interruption premium on oil prices. Natural gas is environmentally more appealing when compared to oil, coal and nuclear energy. The pricing differential discussed graphically below substantially favors natural gas as a primary transportation fuel…..”

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