Test to See If You Might Be Considered a “Potential Terrorist”

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Zero Hedge has a nice roundup of what can be considered being a potential terrorist. Since Obama has signed an Executive Order that he can detain U.S. citizens without due process, it is worth a look.  Obama fights injunction against unlawful detainment of Americans. A Judge has ruled in Obama’s favor, and has re-instated it.

There have been so many anti-terrorism laws passed since 9/11 that it is hard to keep up on what kinds of things might get one on a “list” of suspected bad guys.

Zero Hedge prepared this quick checklist so you can see if you might be doing something which might get hassled.

The following actions may get an American citizen living on U.S. soil labeled as a “suspected terrorist” today:

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    Test to See If You Might Be Considered a “Potential Terrorist”


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