Taliban Spokesman: Thousands of British Muslims Are Prepared to Give Their Lives to Slay Prince Harry

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Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

Since the Taliban, AKA know with affection on this site as “Rag Heads” are dead set on killing Prince Harry, one must ponder who is leaking the intelligence as to his whereabouts in country.

Photo: People Magazine

Perhaps a drown strike on the training camps in Pakistan might dampen their enthusiasm for future attacks on this NATO base.

After all, a dead rag head doesn’t pose much of a threat.

In the first attempt on his life, members of the U.S. Military were killed and a significant number of aircraft and facilities were damaged valued at $200-million. 

It would seem a rational move would be to get him out of country but that wouldn’t probably play well back in the U.K. or with the Prince.

Thus U.S. and coalition assets should be used to hasten those desiring to give their lives to…

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