Supporting Savages – Tea Party Nation


Supporting Savages – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Free speech: Void where prohibited

 There are some questions that are so obvious they should not even have to be asked.  In New York City, one of these questions was asked.  What was the result?  It was nothing less than a complete assault of free speech.

 What was the question, who assaulted free speech and will freedom in America survive?

 Blogger Pamela Geller, along with the American Freedom Defense Initiative put some billboards up on the New York subway system.   The message of the billboards was simple.  They said, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.  Support Israel.  Defeat Jihad.”

 This should not even be a debate.   The terrorists who are attacking Israel on a regular basis have no qualms about murdering men, women and children. They think the highest calling in life is to strap on a vest loaded with explosives and shrapnel, scream “Allah Akbar” and blow themselves up.

 These are the same kind of lunatics that drove airplanes into the World Trade Center towers on 9/11. 

 This is the kind of sentiment you would think 90% of people would agree with. 

 Geller had to sue in New York to get the right to place her message. 

 Shortly after the billboards went up, a savage struck. Mona Eltahawy is an “Egyptian-American” activist.  She’s also an idiot who hates free speech, which seems to be her prime qualification to be a pundit on MSNBC and CNN.  She spray painted one of the billboards.  A bystander tried to protect the billboard but Eltahawy told the bystander that she had the right to deface the billboard.  It was free speech.

 Eltahawy believes in free speech for herself and no one else.  At least no one who disagrees with her.

 The New York Metropolitan Transit Authority is now revising its advertising guidelines to prohibit ads that “incite or provoke violence or cause an immediate breech of the peace.”

 In other words, Eltahawy’s heckler’s veto is going to deny some Americans’ right to free speech.  Does anyone really believe that standard would be used to deny anti-Israeli or pro-Islamist advertising?

 The newest battle for freedom we are seeing is right here at home.  Free speech is under attack.  The forces of tyranny do not like free speech.  They do not like the free exchange of ideas. 

 Yesterday in Dearborn, Michigan Islamists rallied demanding the creation of blasphemy laws here in the United States to repeal free speech and demand that there be no “insulting Islam.”

 At the United Nations this past week, Barack Obama came out in favor of those who oppose free speech.  Instead of condemning terrorism and Islamist violence, he attacked the free speech rights of an Egyptian Copt who made a movie critical of Islam.  Then a couple of days later, the filmmaker was arrested on a probation violation charge.  The grounds for his probation violation were so weak that if he had not made this movie and been an ordinary probationer, he never would have had his probation violated. 

 Freedom exists only as long as brave men and women are willing to stand and defend their rights.  Our rights are under assault as never before.  We have a President who would prefer to be a dictator and not a President. 

 The next few weeks will decide whether freedom continues to live in America or whether we will start down that dark road towards tyranny.

 I choose freedom!



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