MSNBC: The real ministry of propaganda – Tea Party Nation

MSNBC: The real ministry of propaganda – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

What does MSNBC stand for?  There are probably all kinds of funny acronyms we could create to explain the idiocy of MSNBC.  What is going on at Pravda in New York City?

 In case you missed it, MSNBC, the now official propaganda arm of the Obama campaign has hit a new low.  No, I’m not talking about its ratings.  Those are now so low they almost cannot be measured. 

 They have now edited a Romney video to make Romney look really bad.   This was so bad that even liberal outlets like the Huffington Post condemned MSNBC. 

 The video propaganda took place on Joe Scarborough’s show.   What the video purported to show was Mitt Romney listening to a crowd shout “Ryan, Ryan.” (This done by showing subtitles)  Then he supposedly went up and encouraged the crowd to chant, “Romney, Ryan.”

 Scarborough dropped his head into his hands, saying, “Oh sweet Jesus.”

 The problem is, that is not what happened. 

 At the rally, the crowd was actually shouting Romney, Romney.  Mitt Romney went to the stage, complemented Paul Ryan and told the crowd to chant, “Romney/Ryan.”

 Scarborough is your typical pet Republican the big networks have.  He claims to be a Republican and a conservative, yet given every opportunity he will trash Republicans and conservatives at every turn. 

 MSNBC is officially the media arm of the Obama campaign and a total joke.  Wait, aren’t those two the same thing? 

 The question is what do we do about them?

 We could just ignore them.  Judging by their ratings, everyone else does.   MSNBC is the Kim Kardashian of the media world.  The only time anyone pays attention to them is when they pull a stunt like they did with this Romney video. 

 However, I am tired of the drive by media giving the Obama Regime free advertising.  Perhaps a complaint to the Federal Election Commission is in order.  MSNBC has the right to broadcast what they want, even propaganda.  However, that does not allow them to make in kind contributions to the Obama campaign and the coverage MSNBC has given is the equivalent of an in-kind contribution. 

 If MSNBC wants to be an arm of the Obama campaign, then it should be treated as such.  There is no Republican channel on cable, but perhaps there should be.   The ratings for it would certainly be better than MSNBC’s ratings.

 Meanwhile we can all go back to ignoring MSNBC.


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