Dead state walking – Tea Party Nation


Dead state walking – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

The economic collapse is coming.  It is coming soon.  Whoever wins this election this fall will be the President who has to deal with it.


Where is the great collapse coming and what will happen?


In America, we have a dead state walking.  It is the lead domino.  It will fall and it will fall soon.  When it does, it will set off a chain reaction.  The government will have to act, whether it wants to or not.


The dead state walking?




California died some time ago.  It just hasn’t had the good manners to fall down yet.  California is a poster child for the failure of liberal economics.  The last dying gasp of conservatism in California was Prop 13 in 1978 to limit property taxes.  That one worked.  Since then every tax in California has gone through the roof.  So has government spending.


Every lunatic liberal idea that can be invented is being used in California.  The result is predictable.  Everyone who has a business that can move is moving.  Everyone who has a job that can move is moving.  The only people who are not moving are government employees and those on public assistance.


Over a twenty-five year period, California added a net sum of over 10 million people.  Unfortunately for California, only 150,000 of those new residents were taxpayers


California’s situation has been called a Greek Tragedy.  Comparing California to Greece is not a bad analogy.  They have both made the same mistakes. 


Both California and Greece expanded every sector of the public that is dependent on the government.  From government employees receiving lavish salaries and benefits, to state government retirees receiving lavish retirement benefits to the overly generous public assistance benefits. 


California has the highest tax rates in the nation and in November, there will be a referendum to raise those taxes even higher.  Assuming that happens, the middle class in California will continue to shrink. 


Businesses are fleeing California in record numbers.  Not only do they face high taxes, they face insane regulations.   When the Great Obama Depression kicked into full force, one recommendation was that California waive its version of “Cap and Trade” which has been driving up energy prices in California.  The proposal was to suspend cap and trade until unemployment dropped below 6%.  That modest proposal died.


So where does California go from here?


California is unwilling to cut its spending.    It cannot tax enough to keep up with its spending.  The end result is going to be an economic implosion.


California will go bankrupt. Many of it’s cities have already gone bankrupt.


Unfortunately for California, the United States Constitution prohibits individual states from declaring bankruptcy.


So what happens when California goes insolvent?


It will not be pretty.


We will see a societal collapse like we have never seen in the United States.   When California collapses there will be huge pressure on the Federal Government to bail it out. 


If Obama is still in the White House, he will want to.  After all, it gives him a chance to spend more money and he must try to maintain the illusion that socialism is not a failure. 


For those of us who live in real American states, the question we all have to ask is why should we bail California out?  If the Federal Government bails California out, it will change nothing, as California will need more bailouts down the road.    We have seen this in Europe as one bailout follows another.   If California gets a bailout, Illinois will want one, as will New York and New Jersey


If we do not bail out California, we will see massive riots by those who are dependent on government largess.  California will descend into anarchy.


What does America do?


Simply throwing money at the problem will not work. California needs to be changed. 


If California cannot manage its problems then perhaps it is time for California to cease to exist as a state.  If California has to go into receivership, the price for decades of stupidity should be that California goes from becoming a state to becoming an American territory.   If after a few years, California can get its act back together, then it can petition to become a state again. 


California is a disaster.  The leaders of California are like the Captain of the Titanic, except the leaders of California, backed the Titanic up and hit the iceberg five more times. 


There are areas where conservatives still live in California.  Unfortunately California’s government is monopolized by liberals, and this shows no sign of changing. 


If Obama is reelected, California will be but the first domino to fall in the chain reaction that will rip America apart.  If Romney is elected, we at least have a chance.


Meanwhile California remains America’s dead state walking.



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