Gunwalker Update: Katie Pavlich on Obama’s Lies and Coverup of Fast and Furious

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Hey Katie, those “small bloggers” are Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars and David Codrea of  You’d do well to name them and give them the credit they’re due.

Noteworthy that around the 7:30 mark she mentions White House security advisor O’Reilly who had direct communication from ATF SAC Phoenix Bill Newell and how O’Reilly was sent to Iraq to be hidden by the White House from congressional investigators.  Cam Edwards of Cam & Company, subbing in for Andrew Wilkow, noted today that O’Reilly is no longer in Iraq, but the State Dept. won’t say where he is.  The State Dept. also sent O’Reilly to Iraq to fill a position that was already filled, to the point the original guy’s family was already in Iraq.

Update – CNS news notes that here:

“O’Reilly’s sudden transfer to Baghdad occurred just days after the aforementioned e-mails with William Newell were…

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