Taken in San Diego this afternoon – the picture speaks for itself


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  1. Oh dear lord. “Under my policy energy prices will necessarily skyrocket” – candidate Barack Obama.

    I believed you then, Mr. President, and now we see it is so. Thanks for keeping your word….oy.

  2. Before anyone screams ‘gouging’ they may want to find out as much as they can. when looking at prices at a station they will want to learn the profit margin the station is allowed by the owners (in the case of owner operated franchises) to carry. Worked at two Chevrons, we were allowed 3 cents/gallon and yet we were the highest prices in town, typically 5 – 10 c higher. Accused of gouging constantly. Isn’t always so, no matter what the prices seem to suggest. Just sayin’. No doubt this is not always so, and this seems like way high pricing. I’d be interested to know just what the station is required to comply w/ vis regulatory crap.

  3. Remember this?:
    Until the playing field is leveled, so the companies can make the same profit domestically, as well as overseas, we could drill to our hearts content, end up swimming in petrol, but they’d still export it rather than keep some of it for domestic use.
    Business is about the bottom line, so all the regulations (does Europe have emission controls and other cost increasing regulations on their use of oil? ) and hurdles imposed here are the issues we face.

  4. bunkerville says:

    And barely any mention of the shortage. The EPA up to now will not allow a different blend for them, that is used in other states. No waiver, just let them suffer.

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