A team of lies – Tea Party Nation

A team of lies – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Politicians lie.  There is no great shock in that statement.  In fact, if you believe politicians, perhaps you should buy some ocean front property for sale in Tennessee. 

 There is a huge difference between politicians lying and our government lying.  It is even worse when the lies are an attack on America’s freedom.

 Who is lying, what are the lies and will anything happen?

 The entire government lied.  They have now admitted the lie.  The lie was Muslim outrage in the Middle East that resulted in attacks on our Embassy in Egypt and our Consulate in Benghazi and the death of our Ambassador was caused by this movie called “The innocence of the Muslims,” and were not a coordinated terrorist attack.

 Almost immediately after the attacks, anyone whose brain cells were not on the endangered species list realized the attacks were coordinated terrorist attacks on America. 

 It is hard to tell what is worse.  The fact the Obama Regime immediately lied about it or expected that the American people would believe such an incredibly bad lie. 

 Had this been George W. Bush in the White House instead of Barack Hussein Obama in the White House, every journalistic effort would have been put forth to disprove the lie.  There would have been huge media exposes on the lies from the White House. 

 Instead, we have the media’s anointed candidate running for reelection, so the media is mostly uninterested in the story. 

 Just to make sure we are all on the same sheet of music, let’s go over this again.   Terrorists attack our consulate in Benghazi.  The murder and possible rape our Ambassador.  They drag his body through the streets.  They burn the Consulate.  The rip down the American flag and put the flag of Al-Qaeda in its place.  The Obama Regime does nothing to secure the consulate so that news organizations (and no telling who else) is able to go to the site and pick up sensitive documents including Chris Stevens’ personal diary.   The Obama Regime then not only lies to the American people about this, but also attacks our First Amendment rights not only in America but also at the United Nations.  The Regime, instead of expressing outrage that our diplomatic post was attacked and our citizens murdered, apologizes to the terrorists for some bad film that may have hurt their feelings.

 What does the media want to talk about?

 Big Bird. 

 The Regime has now come clean and admitted that there never was a protest about this film.  The attack on the Benghazi consulate was a terrorist attack.  Not only that, there were warnings days in advance.  In addition, the Embassy in Libya repeatedly requested security, which the Obama Regime removed in August. 

 Instead of demanding to know from the Obama Regime, what did it know, when did it know it and what did it do, the media instead wants to talk about how Joe Biden really is ready for Paul Ryan.

 There are a few in the media who are asking questions, such as ABC’s Jake Tapper.

 The fact the Obama Regime lied to American and was willing to sacrifice the freedoms of the First Amendment to support their lie is not only outrageous, it is another reason why Obama must go.


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