Benghazi: The truth – Tea Party Nation

Benghazi: The truth – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Republicans held Congressional hearings yesterday on the disaster at the Benghazi Consulate that killed four Americans.  If the Republicans did not control Congress, these hearings would never have happened.

 These hearings exposed the shocking truth, not the propaganda the Obama Regime wanted us to believe.  What is the truth about Benghazi?

 The truth is the Obama Regime lied.  The truth is Benghazi was the result of Obama policies in the Middle East.  The truth is the Obama Regime, instead of acting like America is a superpower, tried instead to appease savages. 

 The truth is the Obama Regime knew within hours this was a terrorist attack.  Even as they deliberately lied to the American people, they knew what was really behind the attack.  They blamed the attack on the actions of a filmmaker and decried the freedom that makes America great. 

 At the time they knew they were sitting on a time bomb.  The truth is the boots on the ground warned the political appointees of the Obama Regime that help was needed.  They told Washington more security was needed.  They protested the withdrawal of security and support personnel.   

 One former regional security officer in Libya, Eric Nordstrom compared the people in Washington to the Taliban, saying they were a greater enemy because they would not give the people in Libya the support they needed. 

 Nordstrom added it was abundantly clear that the Embassy in Libya would not get the security it needed until after an attack.

 That is exactly what happened.

 Four Americans died.  A United States Ambassador was raped and murdered. 

 Another State Department employee said the attack on September 11th on the compound, was “instantly recognizable” as a terrorist attack. 

 The story that is getting almost no traction out of this whole debacle was raised yesterday by, of all people, Dennis Kucinich

 He asked how many shoulder-fired surface to air missiles were missing since Obama got the bright idea that we should help overthrow Qaddafi.  “10,000 to 20,000” was the answer.

 The one issue that no one else is talking about is that the two former Navy Seals who were killed in the attack were not there to protect the consulate.  They were in Libya looking for weapons that were missing since the fall of Qaddafi.

 10,000 to 20,000 missing surface to air missiles is not only alarming, it is a disaster.  The number is given as a range because no one knows for sure.  Missing means they cannot be located.  Some may have been destroyed.  Others may still be in warehouses.  But given that Al-Qaeda and other Islamist militias looted Qaddafi’s armories, it is almost a certainty that some of those missiles are now in the hands of terrorists.

 In criminal law, lawyers are trained to look for motive.  Motive goes a long way to explaining why people engage in certain actions. 

 What was the motive for attacking the Benghazi consulate?  Granted it was a target of opportunity, since it was poorly guarded.    But what was the motive?  Did the terrorists know that the Ambassador was there?  Was he the target or could the purpose of that attack have been to disrupt American efforts to account for and recover those missiles?

 Can you imagine the effect if only ten of those missiles were smuggled into America and used against commercial airliners?  The results would be devastating.   It would worse than 9/11.

 Could this be the motive for the Obama Regime to lie?

 If this was a terrorist attack, sooner or later someone needs to ask the question, why this target?

 If the Regime were to announce that 10,000 to 20,000 shoulder fired surface to air missiles were lost because Obama decided that Qaddafi should be overthrown, the blame would fall on Obama.    What would happen if those missiles were used against Western airliners?  That too would be blamed on Obama.

 As with everything else in the Obama Regime, politics trumps all.

 The only questions that remain now are how many of those missiles do terrorist groups have and when will they use them?  Oh there is one other question.

 How many Americans will die because of Barack Obama and his policies of idiocy?


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