Debbie “Whats Her Name” Schultz redefines “lying liar”

The Daley Gator

Why do Democrats continue to lie, even after their lies are exposed? I know the MSM has covered for them a long time, but now, their lies are so over the top, even Piers Morgan cannot take it! The Other McCain has the latest example from the “Queen of Unintentional Comedy”

Got credibility? Not if you are Debbie Wasserman Schultz, or the administration. I love Morgan’s response to Debbie’s “that doesn’t mean it was false” line. This is why I have no respect for miscreants like Schultz. She has no moral compass. The administration lied, REPEATEDLY, about the Libya attack, they lied until they were forced to tell the truth, then they lied about having lied. And now, Schultz is on national TV lying about the administration’s lying about lying? And she then has the audacity to accuse Republicans of doing wrong by investigating those lies! Once more, one…

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