Ohio coal miners fight back against the Obama campaign’s lies about them

A TowDog

Dang, how screwed up is this?

More than 500 Ohio coal miners rallied Oct. 10 against President Barack Obama’s ‘War on Coal” and the president’s charge they were coerced to supportRepublican W. Mitt Romney at an Aug. 14 rally.


Reading from [a] letter to the president, Miracle said: “You have approved and are running television and campaign ads about the Mitt Romney event that was held at our Century coal mine.  These ads state that we were forced to attend this rally and that is blatantly false. There are numerous false statements and absolute lies concerning our participation in this event, we the employees.”

Here is the Obama TV commercial:


[My emphasis above]

It’s not enough Obama and the Democrats are destroying their jobs, now when Ohio coal miners switch candidates and attend a rally for Mitt Romney, team Obama blatantly lies about their participation…

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