The Voting Dead — Voter Fraud In North Carolina?

Virginia Virtucon

What to make of this?

As of Oct. 22, there have been 899 people aged 112 who have voted early in North Carolina.  (70% of them are registered as Democrats.)

How many 113 year olds have voted?  None.

How about how many 111 year olds?  Just 6.

110 year olds?  Only 2.

In fact, you have to go down to age 102 before you find another group even in double-digits (22 as of the same time as the others.)

You don’t hit triple-digits for a voter age group until age 98 (122 as of the same time as the others.)

One must go back to the age group 20 YEARS THEIR JUNIORage 92 — before you find a group that has cast more ballots (945 total) than the 112 year olds.

Too bad there are apparently only 13 people verified to be…

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