What’s the Harm With a Little Sharia?

Creeping Sharia

via Atlas Shrugs.

Brooke Storrs has traveled to Malaysia several times since 2001, communicated with minority citizens and expats living there, and kept a close eye on online news once she returned home. She wrote an essay about how their dual courts (civil and Sharia) impact non-Muslims who are given religious freedom in their constitution. The purpose of the essay below was to show how entangling Sharia and civil courts in society works itself out in the lives of non-Muslims and to make the case that allowing Sharia into our court system most assuredly has a deleterious effect.

What’s the Harm With a Little Sharia? By Brooke Storrs

The Archbishop of Canterbury has suggested that the adoption of certain aspects of Sharia Law in the UK would help maintain social cohesion.  Minneapolis, Minnesota, has adopted Sharia-friendly loan programs.  Many desire to be tolerant and go along to get along…

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