Benghazi-Gate! Emails Show Obama Knew Islamic Group Took Credit for Benghazi Attack. STOP THE COVER UP

The Mad Jewess

CLICK: Here.  The Mad Jewess 8:13 PM PST Oct. 23, 2012

Do you think that we will hear about this on the 6:00 evening news?  NOPE.  Romney probably knew this was about to happen.  That’s what I think at this point.  Which may be why he didn’t attack Hussein Obama last night.  This is very serious.   This is much more serious than Watergate.  NOBODY DIED IN WATERGATE!!!    Anyway: Of course, these radical-Jihadists in Libya are the ones that were set free from the prisons and you can thank the Obama administration of dumbass for that.  Also, Chris Stevens was aiding this enemy as Israel reported, he was also gay. And we all know what happens to gays in the Muslim lands..

But, lets understand one thing…it is not serious enough that the GOP OR the DNC will do a damn thing to their head Negro in…

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