WACKO Communist Idiot George Clooney Fakes Propaganda News Against Israel Re. Israel & Sudan

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Why is it always ‘liberals’ and Nazis that hate Israel’s guts?  It must be some sort of illness. Plus the fact that most pretend to be believers in Elohim..  I am reading David Horowitz’s ‘Radical Son’ and these crazies hate Israel just because they hate ALL Jews from day one and especially since the state of Israel was born.  In the opinions of Jew haters, the only good Jew is a ‘dead Jew.’ 

Take note of that- insane, wacko, maniacal left wing Jewish morons.

UNITED NATIONS – Analysis of satellite imagery of a Sudanese munitions factory that Khartoum accused Israel of bombing earlier this week suggests the site may have been hit with aerial bombardment as Sudan claims, a monitoring group said on Saturday

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