The Difference Between Engineers And Scientists

Real Science

Engineers in industry know that their continued employment depends on being brutally honest and accurate. When engineering fails, there is no place to hide.

Scientist’s employment has different challenges. They have to convince politicians that they should receive money for their research. The easiest way to do this is by hypothesizing about future potential disasters. The global warming gravy train has been the most reliable ever, and honesty and accuracy got crushed on the tracks sometime around the year 2000.

The vast majority of “climate change scientists” have no marketable or useful skills. For people in that position, honesty and accuracy are irrelevant. It is all about survival of their pay check, not survival of the planet.

I write this blog because I am a scientist/engineer who is no longer dependent of science funding for my livelihood, and I have never seen such a bunch of horseshit as this global warming scam in my life. I was a…

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