The final two battles (Part One) – Tea Party Nation

The final two battles (Part One) – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

There are two battles that are coming up that will decide whether America can be saved at all or if America is headed towards decline and fall or perhaps simply a massive breakup. 


What are those two battles that are coming?


The so-called “Fiscal Cliff” is not one of them.  The “Fiscal Cliff” is a politician created disaster that is simply a sideshow. 


What are the two battles and why must we win them?


The first battle is the battle for Amnesty.


The pro-amnesty crowd was out the door the day after Mitt Romney’s disastrous loss to Barack Obama.


They pointed out that Obama did much better in the Hispanic demographics than Romney did.   Their immediate conclusion was that we must immediately embrace the entire open borders agenda, including amnesty; otherwise the Republican Party would be forever lost.


Why conservatives even listen to the terminally stupid is beyond me.  The open borders coalition is made up of a whole bunch of leftist groups and establishment Republicans.  Since when have they been right on anything?


Romney lost because he was a terrible candidate.  He offered nothing.  Obama made inroads into the Hispanic community because he offered Amnesty.


Not all Hispanics support Amnesty.   However, when Obama is offering something and Romney is not offering any good reason to vote for him, other than he is not Obama, Romney would lose every time.


The Republican Establishment seems to think if we just embrace Amnesty, all of these newly legalized people will suddenly become Republicans.  This notion is absurd.   We tried this before.  In 1986, President Reagan signed an Amnesty bill.  Did all of those people who received Amnesty become Republicans?  No.  What makes anyone think that would be any different today?


We live in a Democracy


Many people are going to jump up and down about that comment and shout back, “We live in a Constitutional Republic.” 


No, we don’t.


America used to be a Constitutional Republic.  Unfortunately all of the safeguards that make a Republic stable are gone.


Today we live in a Democracy and as wiser men than me have pointed out, Democracy is an inherently unstable form of government.  It will work for a while, then the people will discover they can vote themselves benefits from the public treasury.  When they do that, Democracy dies and is almost always replaced by tyranny.


Allowing Amnesty would be a political and demographic disaster for America. 


If you create ten to twenty million new citizens, you will immediately tilt the political balance of power to the Democrats.  If you doubt this, look at California. 


Most of the illegal aliens in this nation have the economic value of being able to be paid under the table.  The myth is they do jobs Americans won’t do.  No, they will do jobs for wages Americans will not accept.  They can be paid under the table now and that makes them attractive to employers.   Once they are legal, what will happen?   They won’t be paid sub-minimum wage and they won’t be paid under the table anymore.


Most of these immigrants have less than a 6th grade education.




Because in Mexico and some of the other nations they originally come from, compulsory public education ends at elementary school.   These people can do menial jobs in our society, such as housecleaning or day labor.   What happens when they are legal?


Those who push the welfare state will be out among them showing them all of the wonderful benefits they can get from the government.   Many of them will be able to claim “disability” and not have to work any more.  For some of them, it will be paradise.  They will make more money than they have ever made and not have to do back breaking work. 


Once ten to twenty million illegal aliens receive Amnesty and start receiving government benefits, you can guess what will happen at the next election.  The Democrat will go out to these people and claim the Republicans want to cut off their benefits.  Barack Obama took the popular vote in 2012, by four million votes.  Had the Republicans run a good candidate that is a margin that could have been overcome.


With Amnesty and a permanent underclass that will vote Democrat, the vote margin would swing to about ten million in favor of the Democrat.  We would never see another Republican elected President.


So what about the ten to twenty million illegal aliens in this nation?


We are not simply going to be able to deport them.  Many of them have children and grandchildren who are American citizens and who will never forget that the government deported their grandmother.


We are going to have to figure something out that allows those who came into this nation, worked hard to make a living and did not violate the law (other than the illegal entry into the United States) to obtain some legal status.  We must fight any attempt to create a pathway to citizenship. 


If you broke the law to get here, we will forgive some things but you will not be rewarded with American citizenship.


If Republicans surrender on this, they will create a disaster that will be the end of America.  They will create an underclass that will last at least two generations.  It will be an underclass trapped in poverty, but with the full voting rights of all other Americans.  It will be a voting block that will quickly learn that it can vote itself benefits from the other taxpayers.  It will be a case of the takers giving the makers orders.


If this happens, we will see America disintegrate quickly.


We all know the famous quote from Benjamin Franklin after the Constitutional Convention.  He was asked by a lady, “What kind of government have you given us Dr. Franklin?”  Franklin replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”


We have not kept the Republic and now the question is, will we be able to even keep freedom and liberty.

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