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Jim Crawford has provided information about Senate Bill 315 … a so-called comprehensive planning bill. Here’s one you really should oppose. 

I oppose SB 315 Comprehensive Planning. This bill seeks to change present community planning. Present planning has been if effect in this country for many, many years and dealt with efficient ways to deal with simple ways for neighbors to get along such as water use, waste disposal, and separating residential and commercial/industrial uses.

SB 315 is merely a covert attempt to enact “sustainable development” planning prescribed by the American Planning Association (APA) where humans take a back seat to any and all nature. The “sustainable” planned community will collectivize living spaces, hinder privacy and private property ownership, limit choices of home plans, limit mobility and commerce, and deny individuals a choice of housing densities.

According to the APA, the findings of a Survey reveal that: Only one-third believe…

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