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I just read this:  Would New Gun Laws Spark Widespread Civil Disobedience? 


Excuse the hell out of me…But, just WHEN are Americans going to wake the hell up? When?  When more people die?  As Radliff, Noveske and Chris Kyle did?  You all know the BHO administration murdered them.  Who’s kidding who?  The government is disobeying the law.  The government has started the disobedience!!  They are behaving as fascists.  What do normal people do to fascists? They kill them.  But, not in America.  Nope.  Not in Pussy-vaginal-waste-America.  Here, we kiss the ass of tyrants and vote the bastards back in.

About a month ago, Cuomo took the guns of NYers and gave them a few bullets to shoot intruders.  What did the BRAVE men of NY do? They went to the capital to ‘protest’.  Methinks you protest too much.  Methinks you should shoot all the windows at…

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