Barack Obama’s war on America – Tea Party Nation

Barack Obama’s war on America – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

obamashreddingconstitution1Barack Obama and the Party of Treason hate America.   It is no longer a policy difference.  With Obama and the far-left shills for the Democrats, it has never been about policy.   They do not want to debate issues and let the best idea win.  They want to defeat anyone who disagrees with them at all costs. 

 Now the Obama Regime is showing its total contempt and hatred for those who disagree with it.

 How are they doing this?

 In advance of the Budget Sequestration that is set to start on March 1st, the Obama Regime is releasing illegal aliens into American communities. 

 The sequestration has not even hit yet and the Obama Regime is trying to hurt Americans.

 The illegal aliens being released are not simply illegal aliens, but these are criminal illegal aliens.    These are illegal aliens who have been charged or convicted of criminal offenses.  Usually it is more than one. 


Instead of deporting these criminal aliens, the Department of Homeland Security is literally turning them out of the prisons.    Where is most of this happening?


 A5XskvhCIAEhXcA.jpg largeThat is no accident.

 Arizona is a red state.  Arizona dared to defy Barack Obama and even took him to the Supreme Court and won.

 Over the weekend, in Pinal County, Arizona, DHS released hundreds of criminal illegal aliens.  They did not even notify the local sheriff they were releasing these criminals.

 The Obama Regime claims they must do this because of the upcoming budget sequester.

 The sequester is not causing the release but the Obama Regime is desperate to create a crisis.


 What happens if the modest 2% cut in spending goes through? 

 Probably nothing.  Most Americans will not see any change.

smugpackage That is the great fear of the Obama Regime.

 If the world does not end with this modest spending cut, then the Republicans and the American people will start asking, what else can we cut.  Where else can we cut?

 For Barack Obama who is determined to bankrupt America before the end of his second term, this is unacceptable.

 So Barack Obama is releasing criminal illegal aliens onto the streets of at least one red state. 

 How many people will die because Obama is releasing criminal illegal aliens?  How many people will be injured?   How many crimes will be committed?

 Obama doesn’t care.  Arizona is a red state.

notvotingbecause He doesn’t care because for Obama, the ends justify the means.   Obama does not care that he took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution because the Constitution means nothing to him.    Obama does not care because he hates America and Americans.

 Instead of being responsible, Barack Obama is trying to make the spending cuts as painful as possible.  Instead of stopping a few of those crony grants to “green energy” projects, he is keeping the Navy tied up in port.  Instead of cutting advertising to promote food stamps, he is releasing criminals on the streets to rampage and make the people of America pay for daring to elect Republicans to try and stop him.

 Barack Obama is hell bent on destroying America.  Americans will die because of his desire to punish those who disagree with him.

 The question is will the Republicans in Washington ever stand up to him?


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