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I’ve shared a nightmarish flowchart to show the Byzantine complexity of America’s healthcare system under Obamacare. Sort of makes you wonder whether the healthcare system will now be more complicated than the internal revenue code.

But some people may be skeptical because this flowchart was prepared by Republicans from the Joint Economic Committee.

Well, here’s a flowchart from the pro-Obamacare Washington Post, and it shows how just one small piece of the law will require complicated gymnastics.

It’s hard to feel anything but misery about this situation. The Obamacare taxes largely took effect earlier this year and a big chunk of the Obamacare spending starts next year.

So let’s with a great cartoon from Henry Payne showing the Secretary of Health and Human Service force-feeding Obamacare to states.

Obamacare Cartoon 1

I would have replaced “states” with “patients,” but you get the point. We’re being saddled with a one-size-fits-all monstrosity that will…

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