Crazed Leftists’ Recall Effort Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio Fails Miserably

The Daley Gator

A liberal group, “Respect Arizona” to recall popular Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Thursday, but a voter group represented by Larry Klayman, is still suing Respect Arizona because he says the recall effort was illegal under Arizona law to begin with.

is the press release from Klayman’s group, Citizens to Protect Fair Election Results:

Today, predictably, the attempted recall of Sheriff Joe Arpaio by a group which ironically calls itself Respect Arizona, failed in its bid to begin a recall of this respected law enforcement official, who has just been reelected to office for a sixth term. While admitting that they did not get the required number of signatures to begin a recall, obviously because the people of Maricopa County are happy to have Sheriff Arpaio remain in office, the Respect Arizona spokesmen failed to mention that their attempted recall was illegal in any event, as not proscribed by the…

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