Blue Collar Guardian Mayor Michael Bloomberg imports $13,000 copper bathtub from France

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg imports $13,000 copper bathtub from France | Mail Online.

New York’s billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg has splashed out on a bespoke hand-made copper bath at a cost of around $13,300.

Built to fit the mayor’s exact specifications, French craftsmen have hand-molded the vast tub – the latest addition for his five-storey Manhattan townhouse which he is in the process of renovating.

The finished piece is expected to be shipped from the town of Villedieu-les-Poeles, in Normandy, northern France, this month.

According to news service, AFP, it took skilled workmen 250 hours to build the lavish bath tub, by molding two 2mm-thick big sheets of copper.

Etienne Dulin, the owner of the 200-year-old Atelier du Cuivre (Copper Workshop), which was commissioned for the work, told AFP: ‘He requested a nickel finish, to give a slightly glossier effect.’

He said that the advantages of a copper bath are…

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