#STOPGUNCONTROL Obama Pushes Against 2nd Amend, AGAIN- “Constitutional Scholar?” My A$$

The Mad Jewess

#STOPGUNCONTROL Obama Pushes Against Against 2nd Amend “Constitutional Scholar?”  My A$$

Obama is pushing the envelope because he is a radical, Communist. Period.

Gun control will not stop the sons of Obama from murdering whites and each-other; It will embolden them. Gun control will make us into a 3rd world ghetto with all people’s in USA running wild, murdering each other.   If Obama has his way, you will be victims on the streets to criminals, murderers, rapists.  So, why is he going after guns, again, being his presidency is in the ashcan??  Because Obama is a COMMUNIST.   He has to create as much havoc as he possibly can to start a bloody, Bolshevik Revolt & then, declare himself defacto dictator.. How you “Liberals” gonna REALLY like that?  Please…

Barack Obama is also setting himself up to be a martyr:  He has thrown his own base under the…

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