Millenials: If President ‘I’m really good at killing people’ Obama spies on me, cool — but I fear conservatives

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Last night in Virginia, a huge percentage of women actually believed that Ken Cuccinelli had the desire and the power to overturn Supreme Court rulings that are decades old. One of my best friends told me about his Facebook feed, where women breathed a sigh of relief because Terry McAuliffe wanted nothing to do with their vaginas.

A guy who supports President “I’m really good at killing people” Obama? Sweet. A guy who supports President Obama’s NSA spying — on innocent women — who “might” be a terrorist someday? Awesome. A guy who spent a lifetime working for Virginians — who happens to be more socially conservative? The Guardians of the Uterus will not stand for such an injustice!

And with that, I give you Kurt Schlichter, a a 48 year old veteran and lawyer who put himself through Loyola Law School after the Gulf War. Mr. Schlichter has…

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