Obama Lied Repeatedly; Librulism is in Intensive Care with Cancelled Insurance


The truth is not in Him. Perhaps even some libruls are coming,
slowly and reluctantly, to understand that verification must precede trust. Verification should keep them busy, because it is almost impossible to find anything about which He has not lied.


Even generally librul NPR seems to have had more than enough as early as November 2nd; President Obama’s credibility has deteriorated substantially since then.

“Bush Lied, People Died,” became a popular bumper-sticker slogan on the left after some of the reasons for going to war with Iraq — Saddam Hussein’s links to al-Qaida and the presence of weapons of mass destruction — proved illusory.

Coming after all that, Obama held out the promise of being a different sort of politician. It’s that patina that has now begun to rub away.

Obama’s frequent promises that people could stick with their doctors and insurance plans was a way of arguing that…

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