Rep. Peter King, And Fox News’ Catherine Herridge Shred NY Times’ “Misleading” Benghazi Report (Video)

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The New York Times fired its opening salvo for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign in the form of an investigative piece that in large part absolves  her and the Obama administration of the charge that they purposefully misled the public in the wake of the Benghazi attack. Written by David Kirkpatrick, (whom Daniel Greenfield once called “very slimy” in a FrontPageMagazine article), the piece is entitled,  A Deadly Mix in Benghazi, and claims that there was no al Qaeda link to the attack and it was fueled  by the anti-Mohammed video.

Months of investigation by The New York Times, centered on extensive interviews with Libyans in Benghazi who had direct knowledge of the attack there and its context, turned up no evidence that Al Qaeda or other international terrorist groups had any role in the assault. The attack was led, instead, by fighters who had benefited directly from NATO’s extensive air…

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