The Real Weapon Of Mass Destruction: ‘Climate Change’ Or Barack Obama?

They like to through up their “science.” Well, I am a trained scientist and statistician and I can tell you for sure that I have yet to see anything they have presented that even remotely resembles real “science.” There is no way to conduct a controlled experiment with the “climate” because your sample size is one and thus it is impossible to separate experimental error from treatment effect. So, they have to rely on empirical (historical) data to build their less than totally inclusive models. History does not prove ANYTHING about cause and effect. You have to first develop a theory and test the historical data against that theory. So, the bottom line is that ALL they have is a theory and NOTHING ELSE. Even the most outlandish of “conspiracy theories” is as good as theirs.  — jtl, 419

Last week, the White House had a publicity blitz that reminded me…

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