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Socialism is not the Answer

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Those in the federal government seem to desire and promote the steady creep of federal powers over their intended balance to State rights.  Since Obama’s election and during the reign of Eric Holder as Attorney General, a clever game of law enforcement / non enforcement has been in the works.  Never has our country just rolled over and watched such proceedings.  Regardless of your stance on certain issues, procedure must win out, not whimsical and desultory enforcement of law and total disregard for oaths taken.


Agenda supersedes required process.  Party trumps country.

There has been the selective non enforcement of duly passed law by this administration.  Inconsistent at first blush is the allowance of States to permit legal marijuana use.  This is in conflict with federal laws but is approved by the administration.  By what power do they ignore law? 

Yet when states such as Arizona attempt to…

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