Jordan, Iran condemn Israel’s ‘barbaric’ Gaza operation via Joseph Wouk

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Condemnation of Israel for defending herself is insane. But then again Islam is an insane ideology and this should be expected.


Jordan, Iran condemn Israel’s ‘barbaric’ Gaza operation

Jordan, Iran condemn Israel’s ‘barbaric’ Gaza operation
After Arab League demands UN convene on Israel, Obama urges calm from both parties:
Israelis, Palestinians must not to act out of revenge.

News agencies Published: ’7.09.14, 11:23 /

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via Jordan, Iran condemn Israel’s ‘barbaric’ Gaza operation – Israel News, Ynetnews.

Jordan, one of just two Arab countries to have signed a peace treaty with Israel, on Wednesday demanded an immediate halt to deadly Israeli air raids in Gaza, raids it called “barbaric.” Similar comments were made by Iran, a Hamas ally.

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Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama urged both sides in the escalating conflict between Israel and Palestinians to show restraint and not act in a spirit…

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