MSNBC: Obama’s Policies Gave Illegals The Impression They Could Stay (Video)

Nice Deb

*On MSNBC’s Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd, Tuesday, a network correspondent dropped a truth bomb on the host, explaining the impetus for the flood of  illegal immigrants pouring across the border. The reporter has been on the ground in Central America.

“The violence and economy really only tells one part of the story,” she began – (causing the left-wing open border proponents to shake their heads fiercely in denial because according to them it is the only reason.)

She said she “visited a center that is dedicated to helping women and children who are deported – who don’t make it to the US.”  She explained that the center helps them get back into their lives in Honduras.

“We spoke to the director there, the reported continued. “She said that about a year ago, a rumor started spreading that Hondurans could leave, get to the United States, and they would be…

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