VIDEO: Barack ‘No Time for the Texas Border’ Obama Parties at a Denver Bar

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Barack Obama is away from D.C. right now doing what he obviously sees as his primary presidential duties, fundraising and partying. It was widely known that Obama was invited by Texas Governor Rick Perry to visit the Rio Grande border during his fundraising visit to Texas to see firsthand exactly what the Lone Star State is experiencing with the raging, rampant illegal alien invasion.

Perhaps since it wouldn’t make for a good photo-op, Obama declined….But, once Obama arrived at the second leg of his partying presidential tour in Denver, he did find time to go partying at a local Denver bar, where smoking pot is legal. In the video, you can hear someone say to Barack, “Here you go, brother. You want to hit this?” The response by Obama was a huge smile and laughter.


Why would the choomer-in-chief allow himself to be caught up…

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