Mexico Border Bringing Terrorists from Afghan, Syria, and Pakistan (Video)

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Although Progressives and the mainstream media would have us believe otherwise, there is no shortage of the filth crossing the U.S. Mexico border.

Even more disturbing is the fact that if I know it, the government and the media who are complicit in deceiving Americans know it.

Their deceit is against the interest of our nation, detrimental to the safety of Americans and criminal.

Perry Right In Warning Of Border-Surge Crime

Immigration: Texas Gov. Rick Perry correctly warns that illegal immigrants are responsible for 3,000 murders and 8,000 sexual assaults in the past five years. And with the new border surge, there’s more trouble on the way.

The Obama administration and its media enablers would have you believe the wave of illegal immigrants flooding the border is composed of nothing more than toddlers and their moms fleeing crime in Central America.

As House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi put it, they’re…

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