We’re All Criminals and Outlaws in the Eyes of the American Police State


“Never in the civilised world have so many been locked up for so little.”—“Rough Justice in America,” The Economist

Indeed we are all criminals and maybe don’t realize it. There are so many little nit picky things that are considered crimes nowadays that we are all probably violators and don’t even know it. But you see, that is useful to our controllers. It would be very easy for them to use “selective enforcement” to shut any body up that they might consider a threat. — jtl, 419

By John W. Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute

Why are we seeing such an uptick in Americans being arrested for such absurd “violations” as letting their kids play at a park unsupervised, collecting rainwater and snow runoff on their own property, growing vegetables in their yard, and holding Bible studies in their living room?

Mind you, we’re not talking tickets or fines or…

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