The Border, Ebola, Russia, Israel, Islam, etc., etc..

just another day in paradise

Wow!  Things that can kill us all everywhere we turn.  All right here at home.  You know people from everywhere are coming over our borders unchecked.   That’s unchecked to see if they are diseased or treated, terrorists, gangs and hordes of ‘children’ we are supposed to take care of.  I stand on the bullshit side of we ‘have’ to take care of them.  The border alone can get us killed.   Ebola.  They must think we are all insane.  Why would you bring it here and plop it down in the middle of the southeastern United States?  Do they think we are stupid enough not to know about taking things over THERE to stop it?  Now it’s spreading with more cases being in the hospital for tests.  And if it’s only transmittable by bodily fluids, why did the doctors get it?  Do you think they just woke up one morning and…

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