About the Time Eric Holder Was Mistaken for a Black Man

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5471883786_3c9a98d120U.S. Attorney General and Obama consiglieri Eric Holder decided to make a personal appearance in Ferguson yesterday, in an effort to … well, nobody’s sure why yet, but he was there.

Anyway, AG Holder kicked off his visit by making a speech about his own negative experiences with law enforcement, in which he was accused of… um, okay, speeding, but it could’ve been for looking at a white woman, or something.

USA Today:

FERGUSON, MO. — Attorney General Eric Holder flew to Ferguson, Mo., on Wednesday as the nation’s chief law enforcement officer leading an investigation into a police shooting.

He also arrived as an African-American who said he understands the racial tensions that have fueled days of protests that have been marred by violence and mass arrests since the Aug. 9 shooting of Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

“I am the Attorney General of the United…

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