Embrace the Common Core? The Majority Wants to Ditch It.

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Embrace the Common Core? The Majority Wants to Ditch It. Why should such a fabulous education reform need a marketing ploy to sell how great it is? Why wasn’t there a national debate four years ago?

Missouri Education Watchdog

The big news in the Common Core world is the continuing decline of support for the standards by the public. The reformers are becoming the only cheerleaders for the Initiative which bypassed legislative review/voter approval and placed the direction/development of public education into the control of private organizations with no accountability. Peter Green writes about this declining support:

While we’re making note of how Common Core is tanking in the Education Next and PDK/Gallup polls, let’s pull out one other poll from earlier in the summer. This one also us ed the word “plummets,” which has become a serious contender for leading the Common Core Headline Word Bank […]

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