Mr. Holder goes to Ferguson!

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Mr. Holder goes to Ferguson!

Dateline: Ferguson, MO –The Liberal Light

Eric Holder

The Jimmy Stuart of our time, also known as The Great Defender of human rights in these United States, Attorney General Eric Holder makes an appearance in Ferguson, Missouri today.

Holder valiantly steps into the lion’s den amid ongoing protest violence without regard for his personal safety in his never ending quest for truth and justice for all.

His investigation: Was Michael Brown’s civil rights violated by officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting?

If so, then the officer can be prosecuted under federal statutes for civil rights violations. That is independent of the State’s criminal prosecution case and independent of the family’s big dollar civil suit.

Holder is vigorously pursuing his investigation. Justice conducted its own autopsy on Monday, the third so far, and have begun interviewing every person in sight. Holder will…

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