No Strategy Obama tells donors that “the world’s always been messy… less dangerous today…”

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Barack Obama no strategy ISIS bean pie

Twenty-four hours after Barack Obama announced to the world that he had no strategy on how to deal with the rampage across Syria and Iraq by ISIS and several hours after the UK’s David Cameron said what Obama should have and the UK raised its threat level to the highest ever, the campaigner-in-chief attended three fundraisers and a wedding during which Obama espoused propaganda that should have made supporters forking over $32,000 plus a plate choke on their rubber chicken.

With unicorns and rainbows in tow, the ditherer-in-chief announced that the world has always been messy and that the only reason that the world is paying notice to the caliphate among other things is because of social media. Yes, really and why does Obama insist on referring to ISIS as an organization.

So we’ve seen the barbarity of an organization like ISIL that is building off what happened with…

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