Can executive amnesty for illegals be killed by Congress?


What Obama intends to do by His royal decree on amnesty for illegal aliens is murky at best. Here, however, are a few thoughts.

Immigrant kiss

During His November 5th press conference, Obama declined to provide significant details about His contemplated Royal decree on immigration “reform.”

Jeff, you know, I think if you want to get into the details of it, I suspect that when I announce that executive action, it’ll be bright full of detail.”

That’s similar to former House Speaker Pelosi’s “we have to pass the [health care] bill so that you can find out what’s in it….” However, before the ObamaCare legislation passed we had an idea what it said. Then we had to wait for several years for the multiple Federal agencies charged with implementing it to tell us what it meant to them and then for the courts to decide whether they were correct.

Obama continued:

On immigration, I know that concerns have been…

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